BBB FAQ Published: BBB FAQ Oct 2013

Tournament Summary:

Each player will play a total of 6 games over the course of the weekend (3 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday).  The players will bring both good and evil armies and will play half of their games with each army.  With these requirements, all games will feature Good vs Evil match-ups!

All games will be 2.5 hours in length with pre-set terrain. Scoring for the event will be a combination of Battle Points, Sportsmanship, Theme, and Paint scores for Overall placement. In order to be eligible for Best Painted Army Awards, you must have painted the army yourself.  If you did not paint your own army, you must let the tournament organizer know at the time of check in.

Army lists must be assembled using the “Warbands” rules as described in the Hobbit SBG and Lord of the Rings SBG Sourcebooks (Free Peoples, Kingdom of Men, Mordor, Fallen Realms or Moria & Angmar).  Armies can be constructed to a maximum size of 750 points.  The Champion of the army must be included from the first warband and must be clearly designated at tournament check-in.

A Note on Army Theme:  The Warbands rules allow for a variety of army construction themes.  In order to maintain the spirit of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, special emphasis on theme will included as part of the overall event scoring.  In addition, a special theme bonus will be awarded if a player’s Good and Evil army are themed together (for example as rival factions or natural enemies).

Your army must be painted to a minimum standard of 3 colors plus a base. The base must be painted or flocked. No unpainted armies or figures will be allowed.

Awards will be presented for the following categories: Best Overall, Best General, Best Appearance – Good Army, Best Appearance – Evil Army, and Best Sportsman.  

Army Requirements:

Each player will be required to bring TWO armies, one each of Good and Evil.  The Good armies must be built using the rules outlined in either the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings Free Peoples or Kingdoms of Men Supplements.  The Evil armies must be built using the rules outlined in either the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings Mordor, Fallen Realms, or Moria & Angmar Supplements. 

Armies can be constructed to a maximum size of 750 points.  The Champion of each army must be included from the first Warband and must be clearly designated at tournament check-in.  This hero would represent the “King” or “Champion” if the specific tournament scenario requires such a designation.

  • Named characters (Gandalf, Lurtz, the Witch King, Spider Queen, etc) can only be taken once.
  • Evil Forces cannot include Gollum.
  • Evil Forces cannot include the Goblin Scribe
  • Good Forces cannot include Tom Bombadil or Goldberry.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) will be enforced. Weapons, armor and upgrades chosen from the army list MUST be shown on the models used. In order to use special strikes associated with weapons, these weapons MUST be represented on the models.  In other words What you see is what you get! If you have any questions about WYSIWYG, contact the tournament organizers.

All models should be taken from the Games Workshop/Citadel Range. Some leeway on model proxying or “counts as” can be used; however, these proxy situations should be discussed with the tournament organizer prior to the event.  Use the Contact Info if you have any questions about proxy models.

You must have a copy of your army list at check in as well as throughout the weekend. If your army list does not match what you are playing anytime during the weekend, you will be subject to a penalty at the discretion of the tournament organizer. Penalties could include a ‘-5’ to your Battle Score for minor offenses (too many models or incorrect wargear) or even a BattleScore of ‘0’ (too many heroes, significant point value differences, etc) for any game played with this illegal or incorrect army. At the discretion of the tournament organizer, you may be disqualified and asked to leave the event without a refund.

The tournament organizers have requested that army lists be pre-submitted to speed up check-in and allow for verification. While this is not mandatory, if you do pre-submit your army list you will be awarded a bonus of up to 2 points to your overall point total for the event. The deadline for pre-submission of army lists will be one week before the event (i.e., submitted by October 27).

Tournament Rules:

The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game main rulebook will be used.  All stats for profiles will be taken from the Hobbit Rulebook or SBG Sourcebooks:  Free Peoples, Kingdom of Men, Mordor, Fallen Realms or Moria.  Additional profiles, if released by Games Workshop, will be allowed as long as they have been been published in a new supplement (or similiar GW format) at least 30 days prior to the event.  If you have any questions on the appropriateness of a profile, please contact the Tournament Organizers (using the Contact Info Tab).

A set of Errata and FAQ’s for Lord of the Rings source books will be used and these are maintained on the Games Workshop website. We are aware that many issues may come up in a game that are not covered by the Erratas or FAQ’s, If you ask for a rules clarification from the organizers their decision will be final on the situation.  The official BBB Tournament FAQ is available here.

The tournament organizers recognize that tournament attendees are reasonable players, and look to you to make the right decision in the myriad of situations this issue could arise. If you are unable to, please call over the Organizers to make the call for you.

All judges’ decisions are final.


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