Painting Competition

The Bilbo’s Birthday Bash painting competition is being modified for 2013.  With the new event space, it will be harder to have a stand alone painting competition.  In order to bring more excitment this year, we are intergrating the Painting Competition into the Tournament Army Entries. 

Each player may enter one of the following items into the Painting Competition.  These items MUST be part of one of your tournament army lists.  You will notify the Tournament Staff at the time of check in which pieces you have selected.   There is a limit to one entry per category per person.  The following categories will be judged:

  • Best Single Model – any single model from your army.  Could be an infantry model, cavalry, monster, or warmachine.   This model will be judged based on the best overall appearance and could include both painting and conversions.  
  • Best Conversion Model – any single model from your army that has been converted.  Painting of this model will not be included in the judging
  • Best Diorama Display – any diorama/display that is used as part of your army can be entered. This could be an entire display for both armies, or a single army, or perhaps a small removeable/stand alone element within a display