Announcing Bilbo’s Birthday Bash – 2012!

We are pleased to announce the 4th Annual Bilbo’s Birthday Bash.   The tournament will again take place at the Chicago Battle Bunker on November 3rd and 4th. Over the course of these two days, players will bring both good and evil armies (that’s right, a return to Good vs Evil matchups!) and will battle with 6 different opponents (that’s right, 6 Games in 2012!)

Pre-Registration for Bilbo’s Birthday Bash is now open.  The per-registration cost is $50.  The Registration fee will go up to $60 after September 14, 2012.  Check out the Registration Page for more details.

In addition to 6 great games, we will also be catering lunch on both days.  Please send me an email (via the contact page) if you have any special dietary restrictions.

Due to changes in the Event Venue and Games Workshop Tournament Circuit Support, the field size for tournament will have a hard limit of 30 players.

I’m also pleased to announce that Chris Thomas will be helping with Bilbo’s Birthday Bash this year.

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